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Query on Data..

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26Query on Data.. - Page 2 Empty Re: Query on Data.. on 2012-09-11, 1:32 am

bus3loucl5 wrote:Nirmal Sharma ji, Many thanks to you for the data Cool . Its been of great help to me Very Happy .

In Amibroker Traders » Daily IEOD Data » NIFTY DATA » Download AUG 2012,
Link for 29-08-2012 is exactly same as for 28-08-2012. So we are missing data for 29-08-2012. Please provide the link for 29-08-2012.


Can someone upload 8th Sept data?

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27Query on Data.. - Page 2 Empty Data of 30th August on 2012-09-12, 9:19 am

Can someone pls upload data of 30th August.. not sure, I see lot of missed data for various scripts like Tata Steel, Nifty etc

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28Query on Data.. - Page 2 Empty last 6 month data in 1 file on 2012-09-30, 3:31 pm

Hello Team...first of all congrats for great work.. can you please upload 1 single file for last 6 month IOD data... its damm difficult to download for each day individually

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29Query on Data.. - Page 2 Empty Data of 16th October on 2012-10-18, 10:33 pm

Can anyone pls upload data of 16th october

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